Barry Schmaltz welcomes you personally - you, the Viewer!

Welcome to Barry Schmaltz Dot Com!

Hello!  I'm Barry Schmaltz!  It is my very great privilege to be able to present to you, the Viewer, a full multi-media package of my video programs and my audio recordings, of which there are many.  You say you never heard of me?  You say this is all new to you? Well, it is my pleasure to allow you to make my acquaintance - me, Barry Schmaltz!  Click on anything and you'll learn something, I guarantee it!

Oh, one little thing.  There's this guy I work with who helped me out with setting up the site, and a lot of his music is relevant to mine somehow.  So if you see a few songs by this Robin Radus guy, don't worry, it's all still a part of the wonderful world of Barry Schmaltz - that's me! - and it all works out just great!  So prepare to be very entertained in some pretty unexpected ways, right now, at...

Barry Schmaltz Dot Com!  

Barry Schmaltz talks about himself a little, and welcomes you, the Viewer, to Barry Schmaltz Dot Com!