Every word, every moment counts in this one! The sociological significance is indisputable, the musical mastery self-evident, the double-sided mirror of meaning reflecting absolutely everyone's own experience perfectly, while simultaneously showing everyone else what they so dearly wish to see: themselves. And this is the magic of Barry Schmaltz, right here, encapsulating wisdom and humor and self-deprecation in a graceful way, showing, not telling, through his many words and meanings within meanings, a deeper truth than seemingly superficial loquaciousness could offer. He leaves it on a melancholy up-note, like the drink.  Play it, take it, live it, love it, enjoy it.


If you're hip to the clicking scene, this is where you'll probably end up. The Goodbye Vamp is a very evocative vamp, and it seems to invoke noodling, with lots of notes, yet also a lot of heart. Hanh? Yes! And a bonus song is included - who remembers The Rideout? It's from one of those wonderful albums you can listen to for free at Barry Schmaltz Dot Com! Hats off to personal preferences! Dig the fancy pipe playing! And listen to the deep truths! The Tensions and Releases of the Universe, indeed! 


It's a party again, showbiz glasses and all. So how do you know it's great? Because today's vamp is the I'll Remember April vamp! You love this stuff! And don't miss the Proper Goodbye! It's got all the elements. Hats off to you, the Viewer, for your perpetual loyalty and incessant devotion to Barry Schmaltz...as they say!

Vamped out? Really? When you've got nothing, why not play to tracks? That's what goes on here, with Barry Schmaltz and Joey Cavon jamming out, albeit remotely. Actually, they are rocking out. Or rocking in, as Barry Schmaltz says. Get your groove on, then, as they also say!

Play Music! Live Longer! Love Everyone! That's what you'll hear at the very end of this vamp, which is the One For The Selves Vamp, a beautiful and mysterious vamp in tribute to all those other versions of yourself that might or might not have made it this far. Before that, Barry Schmaltz endorses his keyboard in an alternate universe. We're getting deep here, people, with Barry Schmaltz and The New Vamps, at Barry Schmaltz Dot Com!

It's time to give the people what they want - and they want to hear automated keyboards and drums. So it's all schtick this time, with the exciting glasses and the atonal island music vibe. Relax and stay awhile! And listen to the albums, why not? Hair today, gone tomorrow!

It goes crazy here, with Barry Schmaltz and his personal vamp!  It's right to the next level that he takes it, here!  He throws in a little John Cage, even!  It's hip and it's happening and it's just frikkin' awesome!  He even reveals his dark secret - really! (Spoiler alert: it's not that dark.) Listen to the albums, he also suggests, and you could do worse! But in the meantime, watch this!

This installment of The New Vamps promises the secrets of the universe, but only a little at a time. If you like aimlessness, this is the segment for you!
Barry Schmaltz presents The New Vamps, along with a whole pile of tonal cluster based spatial relationship music theory and a veritable how-to for designing a personal road map for the soul. Just wait till the hat falls off!
The exclamation point indicates that this is a good one. A good one! This, right here! If we had to give it a title, we couldn't. it's just that good. It's just THAT GOOD! And it is also informative, from a psycho-acoustic perspective, so check it out.

No Specific Vamp!

Not really - but a proposal to the viewer at the end makes it worthwhile to see where this is going. Also, the next video lends a point to this one, so it all works out.  And although you could call this one, "The Timbres and Textures of the Tensions and Releases of the Universe", somehow it didn't quite go there.

The New Vamps are presented by Barry Schmaltz exclusively. No one else seems to be doing this particular thing. It's a niche that begs to be filled, and is, in fact, albeit metaphorically, being filled, by yours truly, Barry Schmaltz. It's a beautiful thing.

"The Bring It On Home, Baby!" vamp is the subject of part one of this pair of videos. This is part one.

Barry Schmaltz dwells on the poignancy of some chord changes and tries to turn them into a vamp, but finally realizes that entertainment is his forte, but it takes him a couple of minutes to remember this, and about three minutes and forty-four seconds before playing something a little more jaunty and peppy and entertaining.

"The Break Vamp" is the focus here, with Barry Schmaltz explaining about it.

Barry Schmaltz has some new vamps for you  - soon, coming right up!